Are You in Need of Dust Proof Storage?

Solid melamine access door

If you want to store and access your valuable items easily and in a clean roof space environment then dust proof storage might be ideal solution for you. The Aussie Attics team can help create dust proof storage spaces in your roof - fully equipped with flooring, attic ladder, ventilation and lighting if required.

Our specialists can provide customers with an insulated and dust free attic storage area in their roof space. We customise and install a variety of attic storage packages to enhance use of your roof space and to ensure that you have an easily accessible, safe and clean solution for your storage. Both our Standard and Budget dustproof storage area offerings provide tremendous value.

These are designed for light storage, include an attic ladder being installed and start at around 10m2 which is about the same floor area as an average childs bedroom.

Our Standard dustproof storage areas are the best value in Perth with a solid melamine access door to gain access to your roofspace via you new dustproof room, 600mm high, 18mm thick walls around the perimeter and all exposed timber beams wrapped as standard.


 new budget white dprTurbo beam roof vent


All dust proof storage areas are fitted with a ladder of your choice to suit your needs and budget.

We fit the attic ladder first, then install a treated pine grid system on top of your existing roof timbers for strength. Then 18mm thick flooring is screwed on top of this, upon which the stud walls are built.

Then the stud framing is covered with a lightweight but super tough 6mm EPE foam wall wrap with white woven insulation on the inside and a silver foil on the other side which helps to keep the heat down whilst also dust proofing the area.

All dustproof storage rooms also include a melamine hinged access door to get into the roofspace via your new storage area and at least one TurboBeamâ„¢ roof ventilator/skylight as standard.



Dust proof whiteEssentially the same as the Budget dust proof storage area but along with this, our Standard white dust proof storage areas are fitted with 600mm high, 18mm thick walls to protect the wrap from any damage that may occur over time.


Please allow 2-3 days for installation of a 10-15 square metre room. Anything bigger than this will take a little longer, but usually not more than 4-5 days.

All attic ladder doors and architraves will need painting.
The "Nordic Pine" ladder has a paintable, prefinished white lid but will need the architrave painted to match.

  • We can also arrange installation of a light and/or powerpoint if required.
  • If there's any electrical or plumbing work to be undertaken we have very reliable and friendly tradesmen available to do the job at a very reasonable price. Once completed they bill you directly, unless you wish for us to include it on the bill.

FLOORING IS FOR LIGHT STORAGE ONLY - it's designed to hold up to 75 kg per sqm plus your own weight.

Need some reinforced flooring installed with your new attic ladder? This cost effective option is more open to the elements and critters in your roofspace than a dustproof room, however if you keep your belongings in sealed containers it will keep them quite safe and clean.

Storage platform