Absolutely! Attic ladders can be installed into most homes and if the roof space allows, we can usually fit a storage area with at least the floor area of a small bedroom.

Fitting a reliable and high quality attic ladder:

  • Provides safe and easy access to the attic;
  • Reduces the risk of accidents commonly associated with using chairs or stepladders to gain attic access;
  • Opens up the roof space for additional storage; and
  • Could add value to your house.

An Aussie Attics attic ladder can provide easy and efficient access and can also be easily stored away when not needed. It takes up minimal space in your roofspace and it’s very easy to operate. Aussie Attics supplies only the best quality attic ladders which will last for many years.

Whether you want a sturdy reliable attic ladder and/or an in roof storage platform when it’s time to go up and do much needed insulation removal in your attic or if you want some in roof dustproof storage, Aussie Attics has you covered!

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We use and recommend Amboss Attic Ladders.Amboss Ladders

Amboss Ladders  Which model suits you?

Scissor Ladder

  • BCA Code Mark Certified
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Aluminium construction
  • Prepared for padlock to secure retracted stairs
  • Counter balanced for easy operation (less than 3kg force required)
  • Electric/Automatic options available



  • Easy and smooth operation. Effort less than 3 kg-force
  • Adjustable anti-skid steps
  • Hand rail can be mounted on the left or right
  • Prepared for securing with a padlock
  • Certified by TUV in accordance with EN 14975
Model Structural Opening (mm) Max Floor to Ceiling height (mm) Electric option Tread Width (mm) Fire rated
Small  700 x 900  3000 No 360 No
Large  700 x 1200  3750  Yes 360 No
XL 1000 x 1300  3750  Yes 480 No