Not for light storage space, only for living/habitable areas or heavy storage, which will require engineering etc.

Sorry no, we only install storage areas which are completely different from living/habitable areas and cannot be used as such.

We can fit any attic ladder you require from concertina ladders to aluminium, steel and timber.

Absolutely! The warranties vary from product to product, with one attic ladder having a 20 year warranty. Please enquire for more information.

According to tests from our structural engineer we recommend up to 75kg per square metre PLUS your own weight of course, although if there are load bearing walls underneath you can place heavier items over those as they can take more weight.

Yes, in most cases we can re-route and/or extend ducting or relocate outlets if required.

Yes, but for light storage only! It is by no means intended for a living area!!!

We build a sub frame on top of your existing ceiing joists upon which we screw down our 18mm thick flooring which is engineer approved to hold 75 kg per square metre, plus your own weight.

The highest ceiling our attic ladders can reach is 5 metres.

No. We can usually work around them or make slight alterations if need be.

If you can crawl comfortably in your attic, you have enough space for storage.
Usually around 1.2 metres would be the absolute lowest recommended height.